At Clean-Cut Audio Design we value your privacy as much as we value doing

quality work and delivering it fast.  To us, protecting your privacy is an important

facet of customer service.


C.C.A.D. will not give, sell or otherwise make available confidential information we

have gained about you or your business/organization.


Our goal is to provide you, your business or your organization with professional,

attention-getting promotional tools.  There are only two instances in which we may

make reference to you or your interest:

1) We may display your recording on our website as an example of our work.

2) We may list your company as one of our clients in correspondence with

customers or potential customers.

However, if you inform us that you would prefer we did not refer to you or your

interest in these ways, we will refrain from doing so.



                                                          Andrew Shepherd

                                                          Founder, Clean-Cut Audio Design